Founded in 2010, Acharya performs energy frequency healing treatments in patients afflicted with different problems such as physical, emotional, spiritual, financial problems, toxic relationships, panic syndrome, phobias, addictions, traumas, among others.

Since its creation, Acharya has helped more than a thousand people to develop in the journey of self-knowledge and evolution. We believe that people do not come to this world for a stroll and that each one of us has a purpose in the evolution of our soul.

It is part of this evolution to expand and change consciousness, look at life from a new perspective and make choices from a much higher point of view.

This is totally liberating! In our work, we try to help people to expand their consciousness and clear all the negative charge that takes away all of our strength to the point of preventing simple actions, like looking ahead in life. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people to transform themselves and recognize their mastery to follow their path with more awareness and lightness.