Over these years of work, we have delved into each technique we use. We realize that each of them is complete but has different vibrations. That doesn’t make them any better or worse techniques than the others.We also realize that each person has a different vibration for similar situations they are living in.Therefore, we have developed integrated service, a unique service that performs the energy reading and treatment of all the main vibrational frequencies of your system and the situation you are experiencing that you want to be treated.

The session begins with the assessment or energetic reading of the subtle bodies through the Radionic Table (Brazilian technique) with the pendulum.We have several subtle bodies that interpenetrate our physical body. We open these bodies to identify all the negative interferences in these bodies and the hidden ones between them.

Depending on the type of energies found, we will then apply the techniques to cleanse, remove anything that is impeding the healthy flow of energy and restore balance to all your frequencies. And for that we can use one or more techniques during the session harmonizing each area that needs to be taken care of. In comparison, it would be the same as what we do on a daily basis when cleaning our homes, we use different products to clean different environments. So we do with the energy system.We treat your chakras (force centers), meridians, your organs and the entire system with the most appropriate vibration. We also check the energy of your home and the relationships you are living, the energy of your work, health, spirituality and more.At the end of the healing, we re-evaluate the frequencies again and pass the final guidelines.The duration of this service is approximately 90min to 2h and can be done in person or at a distance (by video call).In each session, only what your system authorizes or is ready to release is handled.

What are the Benefits of this session?

One of the best things about this service is that you are treated broadly and deeply at the same time.
Sometimes where you least expect it, we find interferences to be released that bring a lot of relief in your life.
Your inner child is healed by bringing you joy and a strong reconnection with yourself and with the Divine Source.
Relationships can be healed, paths are opened, multiple areas of life can be seen and treated in a single session.


It is important to say that the treatments do not have a standard periodicity, that is, each treatment is unique, and seeks to harmonize the energy field that the person has at that time. Each person responds in a way and he will also be responsible for the outcome of his treatment. Just as a psychologist has no way of defining the duration of a treatment, so it is with energy treatments. Even so, there are many clients who make individual visits, without continuity of treatment and feel much better after this unique service. It’s your choice.
We highly recommend at least 3 sessions and you’ll see many changes in your life.

Discover a new universe of possibilities!