Vanessa Schroeder
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About Vanessa​

Vanessa Schroeder is a Kamadon Healing Master and also specialist in Radionic Table, Pranic Healing, Access Bars, Theta Healing, and Cosmic Apometry.
Authorized facilitator of Melchizedek Method (Kamadon Academy) and Access Consciousness Bars.

  • Therapist
  • Facilitator

The journey of therapist Vanessa Schroeder

The journey of therapist Vanessa Schroeder, Cofounder of Acharya, was also a path full of transformations. Graduated in Advertising and Marketing with post-graduation in HR Management, Vanessa went through several great companies until she realized how much these environments – extremely stressed, surrounded by collection, pressure and harmful competitions – did her harm. Sadness, dissatisfaction, anguish and emotional instability were common in her life. The year 1996 was a watershed for Vanessa, because she decided to give enough for that life and routine that did her so much harm.

Vanessa decided to listen to her soul, and went in search of her life mission: to help and teach people how to transform themselves. She immersed herself in a journey of study that lasted more than 15 years and continues to this day. In the beginning she had to conciliate two professional activities, the business and the therapeutic, besides taking care of family, home, religion and friends. Only the realization with her soul could lead her to a perseverance that not even she knew she had. But when the disciple is ready, the master appears. Then, in 2008, Vanessa met the work of Master Choa Kok Sui, founder of Pranic Healing, and began to see life with other eyes, growing and transforming everything around him. She acquired knowledge that brought healing, results, achievements, growth and understanding. From that moment on, he went deeper into his studies and conquered several formations focused on YOUR development and evolution. In her work Vanessa helps people to recover their health at all levels and to awaken a new connection with themselves.


Get to Know Vanessa’s Certifications:

Pranic Healing, by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc - Philippines

(Basic / Advanced / Pranic Psychotherapy / Pranic Healing with Crystals / Psychic Self-Defense / Arhatic Yoga (Preparatory / Levels 1 and 2) / Kriyashakti / Business Pranic Healing / Clairvoyance / The Spiritual Essence of Man / Feng Shui Pranic / Christianity Revealed / Certification for Licensing Instructors / Formation of Pranatherapists);

RP Psionic Table (Golden Pink/Blue/ Crystal Net)

Psionic Operator & RP Authorized Facilitator

Access Consciousness:

Access Bars (Practitioner & Facilitator); The Foundation

Melchisedek Method - Kamadon Healing Technique

(Level 1&2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5 and Facilitator)

Cosmic Apometry / Ho'oponopono Kahuna / Inner Child Awakening


(Basic DNA / Advanced DNA/ Digging Deeper / Intuitive Anatomy / Manifestation and Abundance / You and Your Partner)

Dowsing / Radionics / Geobiology

Bach Flowers Essences / Chromotherapy / Reiki

Body Therapies

(Shiatsu / Ayurvedic / Reflexology / Lymphatic Drainage / Relaxation / Tibetan Relaxation / Hot Stones / Auriculotherapy);

Deeksha Giver

Art Therapy / Gestalt Therapy