In each session of the Access Bars® treatment, at least you have a relaxation, as if you had received a big massage, and at most you change your life completely.

We all have 32 points in our heads, in which are stored thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns that we receive at some time in our existence.

As these points are touched, the proper electromagnetic charge is released and shows another point of view for the patient.
This is how the Access Bars® treatment consists. With an average duration of one hour and a half, the therapist touches the 32 points of the head. The ideal is that the person is lying on a stretcher or reclining chair, and due to this physical need, this is the only treatment that can only be done in a face-to-face manner.


What are the Benefits of Access® Bars?

Each point holds a different issue, and when touched, it changes the point of view on that issue.

There is a point that only concerns money. If one has a vision that money is something bad, this can bring harm to one’s financial life. The goal is that through the Access Bars® the view on a specific issue is changed. The change in point of view enables new attitudes that improve the quality of life of the individual. During the process there is a release of limiting thoughts that end up imprisoning people’s lives and prevent them from flowing with life.

We can work on replacing a limiting belief with a much more prosperous vision on a given subject. From this point of view, great attitudes emerge, and these help the person to have a better financial, love, and professional life, among other sectors.

What subjects can I address in a session?​

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The techniques used are not intended to replace conventional medicine, but to complement it.

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