Aluísio H. de P. Araújo ​
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About Aluísio (Louie)

Aluísio H de P Araújo believes that we all came into the world with a great life project. He is a Kamadon Healing Master and specialist in Pranic Healing, Access Bars, ThetaHealing, and also authorized facilitator of Access Consciousness Bars

  • Therapist
  • Facilitator

The beginning of the journey....​The listening of your soul.​

Finding his own life project was not a task accomplished overnight. The dream of becoming a commercial pilot took Aluisio to the United States, but after a few years he felt depressed and decided to return to Brazil. He had a technology company, worked in Angola and Taiwan, but still felt that it was not what he wanted. Upon returning to Brazil, Aluísio met Vanessa Schroeder again, and through her influence he began to enter the world of holistic therapies. He took some related courses, such as Pranic Healing, Tethahealing, Access Bars, Melchizedek Method, as well as NLP and hypnosis.

What motivated Aluísio to work in the area was to realize that the treatments really work, and this inspired him to help people through them. After years of practicing holistic therapies, Aluisio believes that he was looking at things in the world in a very material way, and this was holding him back from finding his own life project. In 2010, Aluisio and Vanessa founded Acharya. While Vanessa applies the therapies to patients, Aluisio teaches the courses available to those who want to practice self-healing. In his work, Aluisio leads the person through a journey he knows well, the journey of self-knowledge, and through it helps the person acquire the knowledge that once made such a difference in his own life.

Get to Know Aluísio’s Certifications:

Pranic Healing, by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc - Philippines

Pranic Healing, by the Institute for Inner Studies Inc - Philippines (Basic / Advanced / Pranic Psychotherapy / Pranic Healing with Crystals / Psychic Self-Defense / Arhatic Yoga (Preparatory) / Kriyashakti / Business Pranic Healing / The Spiritual Essence of Man

Access Consciousness

Access Bars (Practitioner & Facilitator); The Foundation

Melchisedek Method

Kamadon Healing Technique (Level 1&2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5)

Inner Child Awakening​


(Basic DNA / Advanced DNA/ Digging Deeper)

Deeksha Giver


(Neurolinguistic Programming)

Therapeutic Hypnosis