Level Three of the Melchizedek Method can be described as an initiation into the Kamadon Order of Mastery and the Kamadon Temple of Higher Learning, Wisdom and Knowledge of God’s Unconditional Love through the new Merkabah of Unity of Love.


There are many levels of superior vibration within the Melchizedek Order of Mastery and Kamadon is one of these higher orders of mastery.

“Kamadon” is the anagram of Adam Kadmon, the name given to our body of light, the “archetype” or prototype of humanity. It is this

divine human that contains theessence of YHWH, God.

The Kamadon Temple of Light of Unconditional Love must be brought to Earth through the unified teachings of love as defined in Level Three of the Melchizedek Method. Those who wish to participate in all three levels of this ancient/new wisdom should honor themselves as Kamadon Masters, with the sole purpose of embracing God’s greater plan for this planet, its people and this Universe. This plan is manifesting the unity of love within the divine light of service to our fellow travelers, thus serving ourselves and God.

Level Three of the Melchizedek Method will be presented by the Melchizedek Elders. Their combined presences and energies will be felt as guides each day until the final day of initiation. You will be side by side with the Melchizedek Elders, with their ancient and divine codifications being communicated to you. As these encodings enter the structures of your cells, they will awaken the higher divine purpose of your creation. You will be recognized as a Kamadon Master of the highest Melchizedek Order. This will be a profound experience for many of you.

Holographic healing, once again, will be a vital part, introducing the concept of 33 multiple holograms connected to the 33 chakras, rotating at greater speed in the CosmicChristian Consciousness, to create a more accelerated healing process.

Level Three of the Melchizedek Method includes: